How do we do it?

The render is applied directly over the existing wall and then your chosen pattern is layered over the top. This provides a weatherproof finish that is guaranteed for 10 years.


  1. The walls are coated in a layer of primer to prepare them for the render.
  2. A cement base coat is applied which is approximately 13mm thick.
  3.  Then a layer of brick colour/texture is then added - this is approximately 3mm thick.
  4. The brick layer is then cut away to reveal the cement layer - leaving a brick finish.

The importance of the render's thickness

When it rains, the facade darkens because rainwater wets the render’s surface. When there is heavy rainfall, the water may reach the masonry substrate if;

– A poor quality render is used – Specific waterproofing polymers enhance the performance of renders.
– There is insufficient thickness applied.

The thicker the render, the longer the water will take to reach the substrate.


At CT Plastering and Rendering we use a 15mm layer to ensure that your walls can withstand even the heaviest rain from the UK. For more information please download the below PDF from our suppliers PAREX.

PAREX - Technical Information - The importance of creating a good depth of render


Factory Produced Render

Although this can be more expensive than mixing the render on site it has many benefits, which is why we only use factory produced render for all of our jobs.

Problems with mixing render on site

All render should be mixed in a specific ratio and that means equal portions of each element should be used. If too much water is added at the beginning, more sand and cement must be then added, this may not be in equal measurements and can lead to problems further down the line. 

You cannot remove clay or other impurities from the sand on site. From experience we are fully aware these can and do cause renders to crack and deteriorate over time

Benefits of factory produced render

Factory mixed renders are manufactured in a controlled environment, a computer measures out each element of the render resulting in a perfect mix ratio.

A range of polymers and additives are added to the render which provide a range of benefits such as controlled air entrainment, hydroscopic benefits, elasticity, antifungal, adhesion and workability to name but a few.

For more detailed information on the benefits of factory produce render please download the PDF below.

PAREX - Technical Information - Benefits of using factory produced render


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